Slavonia Bike Tour adapts the route to your level of competence so you can enjoy the country while you cycle. We also have a special tour which is suitable for the more experienced cyclist and involves making a wonderful tour using only a compass and a map. The full route runs through ancient forests filled with beautiful crystal clear streams where you can fill your water bottles, few places can offer this luxury  today. Besides this, we invite you to enjoy the varied wildlife, as during the tour you can race against herds of wild boars and compare their jumps with the deer jumps. All this under the watchful eye of the foxes who are hiding behind every bush and by the hawks hovering over  the mountaintops. 
Slavonia Bike Tour offers you a cycling adventure that will show you the  mysterious magic of Croatia through your favorite sport. During the tour,  which consists of various stages, you will discover breathtaking scenery,  enjoy the typical food of the región, learn about the history and  hear  amazing legends that lie hidden behind medieval castle walls.  What do I need ?   Excitement, enthusiasm and bicycle. We take care of everything else.  Slavonia Bike Tour will provide you with all the necessary materials to enjoy  the trip. We book accommodation and also organize transfers  from your  arrival airport in Croatia to the starting point of the tour and vice versa. Your  only concern will be to enjoy yourself. Live this amazing experience with us.    Enjoy the scenery, gastronomy, cultural heritage and the Croatian people,  while enjoying  a unique biking adventure.  When I can do it ?  You may do the tour from May to September with our native guide, who will  be at your service 24 hours a day and will ensure that your stay in Croatia is  memorable.